The Bodensee Player's seventh production--"Shirley Valentine" by Willy Russell--was performed on Saturday/Sunday November 18/19 and Friday to Sunday November 24-26, 2000 at the Kulturhaus Caserne in Fallenbrunnen at 2030h. It was presented on the small stage "Atrium" behind the Refugium restaurant.


Shirley Meredith Harral
Producer Gabi Gerdau
Director Heather Mullen


Inside Mrs. Joe Bradshaw--42 year-old mother of two grown children--is the former Shirley Valentine longing to get out.  Her hope and self confidence badly shattered by school, marriage and life, she is reduced to talking to the kitchen wall whilst preparing her husband's evening meal--to be on the table as he opens the front door every night.  As she sips a glass of wine she dreams of drinking in a country where the grape is grown.  Her feminist friend offers her a holiday in Greece and, with great trepidation and a lot of forward planning, Shirley seizes the opportunity and goes, to encounter a totally different lifestyle.  Shirley, breaking out of the mould cast for her by society, is brilliantly shown with humour, warm sympathyt and human insight by the author of Educating Rita and Blood Brothers.

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