The Bodensee Players presented an English Musical Evening instead of the usual theatrical production:

  • Friday, November 26, 2004: Michael Skuppin (Banjo, Guitar & Vocal) Irish and Scottish Folk Songs
  • Sunday, November 28, 2004: Sally Greenfield (Guitar & Vocal) Country-Bluegrass-Folk-Blues-Swing
  • Monday, November 29, 2004: Michael Skuppin (Banjo, Guitar & Vocal) Irish and Scottish Folk Songs


Sally Greenfield

Sally's musical career began with the school choir, where she first built up her voice and her love to all the different styles of the great world of music. This includes musicals, gospels and classical music. Her love for the acoustic guitar brought her in contact with a folk-group where she occasionally performed songs from Joan Baez, Bob Dylan to The Beatles. During this time she often listened to the LP's from her father, which he brought during his sojourn as a sailor in USA. This enthusiasm was never lost. The spirit of those songs, the western and native-Indian culture became a big influence and also a large part of her life. At present she is singer and guitar player with the Trio "Driftwood" with whom she presents a great range of acoustic music, which combines her love for all these different styles of music "Country-Bluegrass-Folk-Blues-Swing". Sometimes she performs solos as Sally Greenfield to touch people's hearts with very personal songs. "Gentle and Intensive". Come and listen...

Michael Skuppin

Michael Skuppin's musical career started in 1974, when his parents bought him a cheap guitar. Soon afterwards he heard his first DUBLINERS' song. This type of folk music immediately became his passion, and he was lost to the world of the classical guitar. Ever since he has been trying to learn and sing as many of these songs as possible and even translate a few of them into his native Swabian language, in which he performs most of his own songs. His first public appearance was during a summer trip to Ireland in 1978 when he found himself singing Irish songs in the back room of a bar in Kilkenny, realising that he was the only one who knew all the verses. After 22 years in Berlin, he came back "to the South" in 2001. he still plays a fine folk song whenever there is an possibility. He is proud to call American singer/songwriter Pete Seeger a friend of his, who awakened his interest in the 5-string banjo.

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