The Bodensee Players Fall 2017 Production was two one act plays:

"What Brutes Men Are"
by Constance Cox


"Babysitting Calvin"
by John H. Newmeir

They were presented on November 22nd to November 25th in the Casino Theatre.

These amateur productions of “Babysitting Calvin” and "What Brutes Men Are" were presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD



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What Brutes Men Are

Janet Stephanie Kretschmer
Mildred Andrea Leute
Carol Maren Matthes
Linda Anne Saunders
Sharon Hainer


Babysitting Calvin

Calvin Mathias von Alberti
Laura Penny von Alberti
Bob Allen Hainer
Donna Franci Weber
Katie Maren Matthes
Director Steff Kretschmer




What Brutes Men Are
by Constance Cox

Babysitting Calvin
by John H. Newmeir

Three women meet in a small hotel and through casual drinks in the lounge find that their lives have been centred on the same brutish manipulating man. A long-time employed crusty waitress of the hotel is vastly put out by the continuing demands exacted upon her by the lounge guests. Eventually the long-suffering wife, the newly-dependent young woman, and the man’s mother find the strength in themselves to begin planning for a more pleasant man-free future. Calvin, a ten-month old baby (acted by an adult), can still remember his previous life when he was happily married to Laura, despite the constant attentions of his womanising friend, Bob. Calvin will lose his blissful memories when he reaches his first birthday - or speaks -  so he determines nothing will make him talk! When his single parent mum is persuaded by her sexy friend Donna to go out for the evening, he learns that his babysitter is none other than Laura! Alas, she has brought along a friend - lecherous Bob. Calvin sets about thwarting Bob's licentious desires using every trick known to babies. Can Calvin prevent the unthinkable happening... without uttering a word?


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