The Bride and the Bachelor
by Ronald Miller

Kulturhaus Caserne
Fallenbrunnen 17, in Friedrichshafen
March 17-18, 1998 starting at 2030h


On the Phone
Jennifer Soames Jessica Batchelor
Man from Nuptials Phil McAvily
Joe Andy Howarth
Lady from the Vicarage Maggie Chodak
Overseas Operator Maggie Chodak
Peter Washington Tilney Arthur D. Brown
Proudfast A. Peter Howarth
The Vicar Andrew P. Howarth
On Stage
Barbara Kilpatrick Carrie Telke
Miss Nellie Bowden Alice Martienssen
Isabel Kilpatrick Meredith Harral
Serena Kilpatrick Sharon Hainer
Blodwen Morgen-Jones Regina Lenze
Jason Kilpatrick Jackie Batchelor
Sir William Benedick-Barlow Adrian Martienssen
Joseph Washington Tilney Andy Howarth
Producer Gabi Gerdau
Director David Brown


After months of slaving over lines, accumulating props, constructing sets, cueing lights and sounds, and making costumes, the Bodensee Players presented a two-night run of this farcical comedy to almost sold-out capacity crowds at the Caserne stage in Fallenbrunnen March 17 and 18, 1998. Almost overwhelmed (yet exceedingly pleased) by the response, the Bodensee Players were further pleasantly surprised when asked to consider repeat performances! To make a long story short, "The Bride and the Bachelor" returned, again for a two-night run at the same venue May 19 and 20.

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