The Bodensee Players 20th production "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde was presented on January 18, 22, 24, 25. 26 and 27, 2007  in the Atrium Theatre.


Algemon Jan Wolter
Lane (a servent) Anna Ascrade
Jack Worthing Johannes Oerter
Lady Bracknell Sharon Hainer
Gwendolen Brackness Sam Kretschmer
Laeticia Prism Karin Kollmer
Cecily Cardew Anna Beller
Reverend Chasuble Allen Hainer
Merriman (a servent) Noah Hainer
Prompt Penny von Alberti
Producer Margie Tzanakakis
Director Steff Kretschmer


In 1890s London, rakish Algernon Montcrieff is visited by his friend, Jack Worthing, who is in town to propose marriage to Algy's wildly romantic cousin, Gwendolen. Jack, however, who has created a devilish younger brother called "Ernest" to hide his own misdeeds, has a beautiful young ward named Cecily , whom he wants to keep clear of the roguish Algy. While Jack deals with the large obstacle standing between him and Gwendolen--namely, her mother, the imposing Lady Bracknell --Algy devises a way to meet Cecily. The confusion and hilarity come to a peak when Algy arrives at Jack's country manor posing as Ernest in order to woo Cecily, and Gwendolen runs away to the country to be with Jack--whom she knows as Ernest.

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